From mowing to clearance we’ll keep your garden in pristine condition.


Like fences…good hedges make good neighbours. So maintaining a good hedge is definitely advisable. You may well have some sort of hedge-trimmer; however do you really want to be stood on a wobbly ladder with a potentially dangerous piece of machinery in your hands trying to trim the top?


No collateral damage! Spraying weeds is like going to war. However if you have a beautiful lawn ruined by an occasional weed you don’t want to see Wimbledon go to wasteland! No problem…we have the technology to isolate the offending weed(s) and leave the green grass growing in full health.


We all have a little strimmer at home for tidying up the edges but if you need to clear anything substantial you need the professionals…with the professional kit.


If you’re facing a proper jungle we’ll clear it, bag it & get rid of it.


Brambles growing through your hedges are unsightly, difficult to remove and always manage to scratch you! We’ll get them out leaving your hedge in rude health.