A garden isn’t just about blossoming flowers and lush greenery; it’s also about boundaries that offer security, privacy, and aesthetics. With a myriad of fencing options available, deciding on the perfect one for your space can be daunting. As we delve into the popular garden fencing styles in this post, we’ll also provide insights from these seasoned professionals on making the best choice for your green space.

Close-board / Featherboard Fencing

P. Norris Fencing Services often recommends Close-board or Featherboard fencing for homeowners in need of robust privacy. Not only is this style known for its resilience against strong winds, but the quality of materials and tools used by the company ensures longevity. After three decades of serving the Bedford area, their expertise guarantees that this fencing option stands the test of time.

Larch-Lap Panel Fencing

When it comes to cost-effectiveness without compromising on effectiveness, Larch-Lap Panel Fencing is a top choice. For those who might be considering this option, remember that the quality of installation plays a crucial role in its durability. With P. Norris’s round-the-clock service, you can expect nothing but the best in terms of installation and after-service care.

Timber Palisade/ Picket Fencing

A classic choice like Timber Palisade requires meticulous workmanship, and that’s where a seasoned company shines. P. Norris Fencing Services, known for their impeccable customer service and workmanship in the Bedford region, ensures that the boundaries they set up are both functional and charming.

Slatted Fence Panels

If you’re looking to marry modern aesthetics with function, Slatted Fence Panels are an excellent choice. And who better to trust with your modern fencing needs than a company with a stellar reputation and a guarantee on all their works? P. Norris ensures that their contemporary fencing solutions are both stylish and durable.

Hit & Miss Fencing

The unique design of Hit & Miss Fencing demands precision. At P. Norris we have vast experience, and have successfully catered to numerous such projects, ensuring that every board is perfectly placed for that blend of privacy and permeability.


Your garden’s fence is more than just a boundary – it’s a statement of security, aesthetics, and your personal style. With esteemed services like P. Norris Fencing Services based in Bedford, residents are always assured of quality, from the materials used to the final installation. If you’re considering upgrading your fence or simply need repairs, our team is available to cater to your every need. For a blend of tradition and modernity in fencing solutions, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 01234 326 875.