Now more than ever, the security and safety of your home should be your first priority. Did you know that with good safety measures and precautions, you can make your garden more secure, and reduce the risk of a break in.

In this blog post, we will be going through some simple ways you can make use of your garden with some effective security measures.


Install Reliable Fences:

When it comes to fences, quality is important. Having fences that are tall and made of strong materials is an excellent way of preventing thieves. If they have difficulties getting in or out of your property swiftly, then it is very unlikely that they will want to even risk trying to break into your property. Materials such as timber and metal are good for long term fences and can last for many years

Outdoor Security Lighting:

Motion sensor lighting is one of the most useful outdoor lighting options that provide a great security measure for the back of your house. Not only are they relatively cheap, but can provide lighting depending on where you point the sensor so it is quite adjustable for your requirements and can draw attention to any activity that might be happening in your garden.

Plants Around The Border of Your Garden:

Did you know that using plants can also help with the overall privacy of your garden? Planting hedges around the border of your garden can deter thighs and act the same as garden fencing. They can reduce the scope of visibility, making it difficult to see, whilst providing a natural border. If you are thinking about privacy, then consider gardening as a natural deterrent.

Install High Level Fence Toppers / Fence Spikes:

If a thief is thinking of breaking into your home from the garden, the first place they will usually start is the garden fence. Installing a high level fence topper can act as a safety measure; from increasing the security, extending the height and having several personalised designs they can help with both security and visual appeal.

Installing fence spikes is another way to prevent thieves from entering your property. This is simply by adding deterrent spikes at the top of your fence and acts as an additional level of security for your garden.

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