Gardens are a lot of work no matter the time of year. If you are itching to get outside and do something during the pandemic, maintaining your garden throughout winter could be the way to go as it is a safe and therapeutic thing to do. These are 5 tips for gardening in winter which you can do today.


Make Your Garden Winter Proof

Any kinds of structures in your garden that aren’t very secure such as old fences or gates need to be secured in preparation for harsh weather. Snow, rain and wind can cause things to get damaged so carry out a thorough check around the garden to make sure nothing is at risk of breaking and if it is, repair or replace them as soon as you can.

Protect Plants

Although broccoli, brussel sprouts, kale and many more vegetables thrive in winter, that doesn’t mean they can be buried in snow and still survive. Certain plants may be too sensitive to the cold and this may mean you will need to either bring them inside or in the greenhouse. However, a lot of plants can withstand the cold but you need to make sure that they don’t get buried in any snow or they won’t be able to grow through lack of sunlight and being crushed down. Make sure you remove any snow that is on them gently and as quickly as you can.

Look After The Wildlife

During the winter there isn’t much food around for the wild animals and leaving some food and water out for them could help a lot, this could be anything from seeds, nuts or fat balls. As well as doing this, keeping a small area of your garden untidy can give a hedgehog a place to sleep whether it is a pile of leaves or fallen logs.

Add Nutrients To The Soil

To prepare your soil for the next spring and summer it is good to give it lots of nutrition while it isn’t so heavily needed. Forking in compost or well-rotted manure will help to give great nutrition to the soil. If you don’t have either of these things you could lay down a bed of leaves and put a wire cage around them so they don’t blow away, slowly they will decompose into the soil delivering the nutrients that it needs.

Cover Unused Ground

If you have an allotment which isn’t being used during the winter, it may be better to cover it rather than leaving it open. You can put landscaping fabric or cardboard down with planks of wood and bricks over it to help weigh it down. This helps to stop weeds from growing and keeps all the nutrients in the soil over the winter period.

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