Wooden fences are built to withstand all weather conditions and last many years. However, it is inevitable that at some point your fencing will require a replacement. So, whether your fence serves an aesthetic, commercial or security purpose, here are our top 4 signs that might mean you need a replacement.  


Expensive Repairs

broken field fence


Usually, repairs are the quickest and cheapest way to get your fencing in working condition again. However, if the repairs are becoming increasingly more regular and are costing you more than they should, it is likely to be more beneficial to replace the fence.

Rotting Wood

rotting fence


Unfortunately, an inescapable side effect of wooden fencing is that it will eventually begin to rot. Although a single panel can be easily replaced, general rotting is a strong indicator that your fence is no longer working to its best ability. Therefore, a complete replacement is the most suitable option.  

Leaning Sections

leaning fence


As your fence ages, adverse weather conditions, such as heavy rain and winds, are likely to impact the integrity and cause your fence to lean over to one side. As with the other indicators, you can replace small sections but this isn’t going to be a long-term solution and so we’d recommend replacing the whole fence to a new and stronger version.

No Longer Visually Appealing


modern garden fencing


Aesthetics are a key part of your home environment and this, by extension, constitutes your garden. If you feel your fence no longer suits your home, then it is possibly time to upgrade and replace your fencing to something more suitable.

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